Family Law Litigation

Our San Diego Forensic Accountants Can Provide Legal Assistance

Each family law matter is unique and poses different financial complications. At The Kaseno CPA Firm, our San Diego forensic accountants are backed by years of experience and have a clear understanding of case law and the various code sections. In fact, principals on our team are commonly referred to as “Special Masters” or a “Court’s Expert” when assisting in the resolution of financial matters.

In every family law case, our team works diligently to ensure your legal counsel is provided with honest assessments regarding income evaluations, financial analysis, and expert testimony. These areas also include:

  • Computing the value of businesses
  • Analysis of income available to calculate support
  • In-depth tracings of both separate and community assets, properties, and bank accounts
  • Calculations of Moore/Marsden interests within a family’s residence
  • Analysis of underlying or hidden records to determine a business’s accurate income
  • Characterization of stock option income and interests
  • Fiscal examination of complicated, high-income cases which may include many entities
  • Analysis of the standard of living established during marriage
  • Quantification of expenses related to shared children and their needs
  • Reconstructing inaccessible or incomplete records
  • Examination of issues regarding Pereira/Van Camp allocation

Facing a Complex Family Law Case? Call Our Team Today

If your legal counsel is faced with a complex family law case and you would like help conducting a thorough investigation in order to secure your client’s future, we encourage you to contact The Kaseno CPA Firm right away. Because we understand that family law issues are time-sensitive, we handle these cases with diligence and ensure our investigation practices are thorough from start to finish.

To speak with a member of our team, call The Kaseno CPA Firm at (760) 364-9016 today.

Karen Kaseno is a skilled, experienced expert witness. She and her staff can help prepare the family law case for trial. This includes identifying and marking trial exhibits, and preparing witnesses for direct cross examination. We can also assist in rebutting testimony of other experts and preparing for cross-examination of other financial experts.

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